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Eastgate Soccer Association - Parent’s Pledge


We all recognize that soccer is a very passionate game ‐ for players, coaches, and fans. But when it comes to youth soccer, the soccer field can bring out some of the worst instincts that we have. We all want our sons and daughters to play, to play hard, to play well, and have fun. We want them to be well coached, play on a team that is competitive, and benefit in a host of ways from being involved in youth athletics.


Yet we, as parents, sometimes undercut how much fun our kids have, and how much they will actually benefit. This happens by and through our behavior, especially during games. So here is a primer, a reminder, of little things that we can do on the sidelines to make the soccer season more pleasant for all concerned ‐ most importantly, for the kids.


As an Eastgate Soccer parent, I will always strive to…


1. Be knowledgeable of the game.

2. Encourage fair play at home.

3. Be supportive: be sure my player arrives and is picked up from practices on time.

4. Be respectful; expect my own child to be respectful.

5. Be calm and have good manners.

6. Support the coaches’ and referees’ decisions.

9. Be positive or quiet at games.

7. Encourage communication between coach and parent.

10. Encourage my child to describe his/her role, and explain what new skills have been learned.

11. Concentrate on praising other children during games and practices.

12. Understand that coaches are volunteers, giving up much of their free time to help my child.



⦁ Yelling out coaching instructions from the sideline

⦁ Physically or verbally abuses players, coaches, referees or other parents

Discussing the play of specific players in front of other parents.  

Making negative comments about players on the opposing team

⦁ Using profanity.

Complaining about your child's coaches to other parents. Try to address any issues privately.

⦁ Emphasizing winning as the only goal.

⦁ Constantly arguing with game Referees or other officials.

⦁ Condoning cheating.

⦁ Constantly criticizing the referees.

⦁ Making players to feel bad when they lose and worthy only when they win.