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Safety Protocols  (updated 9/7)


**Everyone in our program (players/parents/coaches/volunteers) will be asked self-monitor for COVID symptoms prior to attending any ESA event (training or games).  DO NOT attend if symptoms are present (fever, cough, nausea, difficulty breathing, sore throat, etc.)


**Parents will be required to sign a liability waiver before their child can participate in the program.  Waivers will be emailed prior to and collected during the first practice.


**Coaches will be required to wear face coverings at all times.  Exception: To allow the use of whistles or to be heard when coaching, coaches are not required to wear face coverings during games and practices.  We ask that coaches use this exception ONLY when actively communicating with a player/team.


**Players will be required to wear face coverings to and from the training ground.


**Players will be asked to bring hand sanitizer to use before and after training.  ESA will also provide sanitizer to coaches (when available).


**Players will be required to remain socially distanced from each other before and after practices/games and during water breaks or any other breaks during a practice/game.


**Parents are encouraged to stay in their car for practices, but they will be permitted to spectate provided that they wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet of distance from anyone outside of their immediate family.



**For games, please limit spectators when possible.  Families must remain socially distanced before, during and after the game. Face coverings must be worn by spectators at all times.


**Teams will sit on opposite sidelines. Team spectators will sit on the same sideline as their team.



**Players must bring their own ball and not share any equipment or water.


**All club equipment (cones, balls, etc) will be sanitized in between uses.  Players will not be asked to gather cones or other equipment.



**These protocols may be updated/amended/modified at any time as new information/mandates are issued.




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