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SECTION I: Overview:


Thank you for volunteering your time!


You are the teams#1 mentor and are in a unique position to create a great soccer experience for your players and parents.

As such, it is important that all our coaches provide positive instruction and encouragement to all players where they can

learn the great game from both a physical (skills) and mental (focus, attitude, teamwork, sportsmanship) perspective.

It is also important to maintain an open and friendly dialogue with your parents where you can address issues as they arise.


SECTION II: Eastgate SAY Soccer Policy & Coach Expectations Review:


1) Small-Sided Format

5v5 (9-10 players per roster) or 4v4 (7-8 players per roster)

-Format is determined each season depending on registration numbers and coach participation.


2) Soccer Ball Sizes:

Dribblers size 3


3) Game Times and Structure:

4 x 8-minute quarters (side change not required)

Scores and records are not kept.


4) Official Rosters and Roster Checks:

Official rosters are not checked for Dribblers matches, however, only rostered players are allowed to participate.


5) Shortening of Game Times:

All games need to be played to their full allotted times.

Referees may shorten or cancel games within SAY policy or the Laws of the game at his/her discretion


6) Lightning/Thunder Policy:

At either the sound of thunder OR sight of lighting, games will be immediately stopped and fields need to be cleared of all

participants (coaches, players, referees and spectators). Games may be restarted 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder

or sight of lightning. Fields equipped with lightning detectors - wait until the detector has sounded.

7) Casts and Earrings:

Any player with a cast and/or any type of jewelry (earrings, rings, rubber bracelets, etc.) is not permitted to play. No exceptions.

Knee braces, etc. (no metal showing) are allowed.


8) Adding Players To Your Team Roster:

Dribblers 6U rosters are generally FULL at the beginning of the season, so players may not be added. If players quit or are injured,

additional players may be added after the start of the season. Please notify if this occurs.


9) Times Two Policy:

There must be at least two adults present (at least one certified coach) at every practice.  This is a SAY National requirement

that must be followed.


10) Rescheduling Games:

Games can only be re-scheduled due to weather or if you do not have the minimum number of players required due to a

sanctioned school or religious event.  Home team coaches are responsible for re-scheduling games by contacting the

opposing coach as well as the Dribblers Coordinator.  If an agreeable make-up day/time cannot be reached, the game will be

scratched from the schedule.


11) Game Management:

-Encourage good sportsmanship from your players and demonstrate it via your own conduct.

-Focus on player participation and skill development over scoring and “winning”.

-Greet the other coach and praise the efforts of players on both teams.

-Read and understand the laws of the game.

-Shouting and/or yelling at players is not permitted. Abusive/aggressive language will not be tolerated and will result in a

caution (yellow card). Positive instruction only please!

-A maximum of three coaches are permitted on the sidelines at any time.

-Dribblers coaches are permitted on the field during game time.

-Sideline coaches must not pass the half-way line during games.

-Every player MUST play a minimum of half the game (2 quarters).

-Referee calls are not to be questioned in a dissenting manner during game time. Any questions or clarifications may be

addressed respectfully between quarters or at the end of the game.

-Red and yellow cards are not used in Dribblers games, however, the referee reserves the right to dismiss any player,

spectator, or coach that is overly disruptive or poses a threat to the safety of other players.