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Eastgate Board of Directors is operated by a dedicated group of volunteers who strive to keep Eastgate Soccer both a fun and enjoyable place to play, coach and referee.

It is the goal of the Board to nurture and maintain an environment that closely follows the organizations mission and goals, as well as uphold the vision and constitution of its governing body, Soccer Association for Youth, and of its league body, Cincinnati Hills SAY Soccer.

The Board is always on the look for talented individuals that can volunteer time, expertise and fresh ideas. For a comprehensive list of Board of Director job descriptions click the link below.
Eastgate Soccer Association Board of Directors Job Descriptions

Each term in office is 1 year, from January 1st to December 31st. New board members are elected during the November meeting. The date, time and location of this meeting will be emailed to all registered volunteers. For more information on registering as a volunteer please email  @eastgatesoccer.com. Any registered volunteer wanting to nominate themselves for a director position we ask that they email the  @eastgatesoccer.com in advance so they can be added to the ballot. The voting, counting of votes and appointment of new board members will be completed during the November meeting. The result of the election will be posted on this website shortly after the November meeting.

If a position is vacated between elections the board may appoint by majority vote an interim director until the next election. Please contact  @eastgatesoccer.com if you are interested in filling as an interim director for a vacated position.


  Jerry June

Vice President

  Bryan Mahaffey


  Danielle Tarter


  Chris Baker

Registration Coordinator

  Joe Cox

Coach Coordinator

  Bryan Mahaffey


Communications Coordinator




Field Coordinator

  Cody Moore

Referee Coordinator

  Tom Somerville


Uniform Coordinator

  Jerry June

Dribbler (U6) Coordinator

  Cody Moore

Website Coordinator

  Tom Somerville